Psychic: Juicy

It’s recently been confirmed that I’m psychic, because I’ve been predicting a Juicy Couture comeback for the past couple of years. My hopes were high that its inclusion at last summer’s Paris Fashion Week meant I was ahead of the game, but alas, the brand needed a bit more of a boost (i.e.: Jamie Mizrahi). Now, finally, I think we can say my prediction came true, and Juicy Couture is really back.

Unfortunately, I am clearly not a super psychic, because my intuition also involved the OG velour tracksuit, a navy version of which has been sitting unworn in my closet for many moons. While the Spring 2018 Ready to Wear Collection does fantastically incorporate some velour tracksuits, this revamped line is certainly a long way from the 2000’s Juicy butt suit. Check out some of my favorite looks from the nostalgic brand below, with the full collection here, thanks to Vogue.



“We help other people to change, so that they can see more kinds of beauty.”

I am an overtly honest gal, so am going to disclose something about myself right now: I’m an avid award show fan. And I mean avid. I love them. From Oscars to VMA’s to Teen Choice Awards, I watch every red carpet and award show in its entirety, while analyzing every outfit, listening to each interview, and ranking the dateability of everyone on screen. I feel personally slighted when my picks don’t win, and genuine happiness when my favorites take home an award. This 5-6 hour endeavor is one of my favorite Sunday night pastimes. (And with that statement, you’ve probably also gathered another of my truths – I don’t watch Game of Thrones.)

While award shows are predominantly light-hearted affairs, every now and then there is a thoughtful, moving moment that adds some much-needed humanity to an otherwise superficial event. A few weeks ago at the MTV Video Music Awards, P!nk was this shining light. After receiving the Video Vanguard Award, she completely stole the show with a wonderfully touching speech to her young daughter. I’ve watched it countless times since, and think it’s worth sharing. Please check out the three minute speech below:

Don’t Call It A Comeback

It’s been nearly five years since my last post, and more than ten since I began Ally Cat’s Meow. To reflect on how much technology and life have progressed since is quite something. With the start of the final quarter of 2017, I figured now is as good a time as any to resurrect the blog that long ago gave me such pleasure to maintain.

I suspect I’ll keep the format similar to that of the past; photos and blurbs about things I enjoy. However, as aspects of my life have changed since my active blogging days, I feel confident this new content will reflect that growth. I’m now in my upper twenties. I am a proud mama to the sweetest, Scottish Fold kitten (@aubrey-notdrake) ever born. I left the fashion and entertainment PR world behind, and co-founded an all-female, construction project management company. I still live in Brooklyn, and my passion for design, knowledge, music, style and victuals remains in tact. Strap in, folks – Ally Cat’s Meow is back!