epicness. november 20.


one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

I am fairly obsessed with  my Bronx,  suede riding-boots.  The cognac color
pairs superbly with any skirt, pair of shorts, or pants. They slouch perfectly
but can also stay up. They even share the name “Linus” with my kittenhead.

Picture 2

Recently,  over-the-knee boots have also been catching my eye.  I love these
gorgeous designs by Free People. Varying from a reasonable $108 to nearly
$500, all of these boots are showstoppers. My favorites are below!

Free People Over the Knee Boots

Free People Over the Knee Boots

kick off the weekend the right way

Taylor Lautner is probably one of  the best looking men on the planet.
His body is ridiculous and he was number one in the World Black Belt
Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional
Forms, and won the Junior World Championships. Badass.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Taylor Lautner Shirtless

Taylor Lautner Shirtless

one rumor i seriously hope is true

The grapevine is spitting out some exciting information. Apparently, Pinkberry knock-off, Swirlberry, is coming to East Lansing.  Rumored to arrive in October next to Rick’s,  there is no doubt that fro-yo will take MSU by storm. I’m already pumped,  so this rumor better be accurate!


i’ll leave you lookin’ like the michael jackson jacket with all them zippers

It is not coincidental that three of my favorite designers have hooded leather
jackets that I would easily give my right leg for.  Mike & Chris has,  probably,
the most lust-worthy jacket (pictured below).  Y3 created a perforated jacket
with a hood that is unique and extremely badass.  And DDC Lab has several,
leather jackets that seem to be a combination of the two former. $1,000 plus
isn’t  very  realistic for  me right  now,  so if anyone  would like to  donate the
“Get Ally a Sick Leather Jacket” fund–it would be much appreciated!

Mike and Chris Leather Jacket

Mike and Chris Leather Jacket

Mike & Chris “Chapman” Jacket