last week in chelsea, wyndham hotels opened their new masterpiece, fashion 26. aside from being beautifully decorated, this hotel has quite a bit to offer. receive crumbs cupcakes [YUM] at check-in, then enter your room without any hassle. they use radiowave keys, so you just have to wave them in front of the sensor to open the door.the restaurant and bar are called RARE and ensure guests enjoy the most delicious, creative food and drinks available.

where does fashion come in? glen coben designed this landmark building with the design room in mind. it’s 22 stories are almost entirely glass, with the lobby modeled after a fashion studio cutting-table. the art in the hotel is regularly rotated, and consists of photographs from new york city’s fashion institute of technology. even the staff is chic— their uniforms come from major design houses including ralph lauren, pink and facconable.