[shameless promo] chanel fall 2010 makeup collection

the new collection is inspired by coco’s contrasting style. she balanced black and white, masculine and
feminine, classic and modern… this line pair smokey grays + purples with light pinks + nudes. peter philips’
goal was to “bring bold emphasis to the eyes, and keep lips soft and delicate.” so necessary.


[read up] i take great pleasure in introducing…

i’m all for the health kick that’s taking over the nation. i’m also a big fan of the acai berry,
because it tastes delicious and is packed with antioxidants. it really is the new superfood.
that being said, i’m trying out a hot new product called monavie. it’s a power juice [or gel, if you
prefer] that is created from 19 different fruits. it is assured to provide you with energy [minus
the caffeine], support your cardiovascular system and nourish damaged joints/tissues.
another great thing about this? you only need a 2-4 oz shot per day, so each bottle lasts you several
weeks. already popular among professional sports teams [red sox, patriots, dolphins to name a few]
and the us military [pilots in particular], this drink is sweeping the nation. already featured on
rachel ray and oprah, i decided to give these products a try. i’ll definitely keep you updated
on how i feel, and will most likely be recommending its immediate purchase.
if you want to check it out first for yourself, check out the website. it’s the only place this
miracle drink [and hangover cure] is currently available. good luck and get healthy!