[monavie] the acai super-suplement

just a few months back, i mentioned i’d be trying out a new superfood product by monavie.
i finally finished the long-lasting bottle of “monavie active”, which contains 19 fruit juices
and vitamins in just one 2-4 oz. shot per day. it tastes pretty delicious, and actually leaves
you feeling like you did something good for your body. as a college student, i’m not used to
a shot leaving me with such a healthful feeling. naturally, i enjoyed the change of pace.

as far as the feelings of increased energy, i can’t say i was too impressed. this comes from
a girl, however, who cannot drink a cup of coffee without tweaking and gets no effects
from red bull or monster. yeah: i’m unique, i know. therefore, i cannot say whether the
natural energy boost exists within these beautiful, wine-esque bottles of monavie.

i can tell you, though, that monavie tastes pretty awesome, like a tart cherry juice. if it
doesn’t actually possess “superfood” powers, you’ll still believe you did something
relatively good for your body. as for a natural energy boost and increased
performance, i suppose you’ll just have to try monavie for yourself.


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