“We help other people to change, so that they can see more kinds of beauty.”

I am an overtly honest gal, so am going to disclose something about myself right now: I’m an avid award show fan. And I mean avid. I love them. From Oscars to VMA’s to Teen Choice Awards, I watch every red carpet and award show in its entirety, while analyzing every outfit, listening to each interview, and ranking the dateability of everyone on screen. I feel personally slighted when my picks don’t win, and genuine happiness when my favorites take home an award. This 5-6 hour endeavor is one of my favorite Sunday night pastimes. (And with that statement, you’ve probably also gathered another of my truths – I don’t watch Game of Thrones.)

While award shows are predominantly light-hearted affairs, every now and then there is a thoughtful, moving moment that adds some much-needed humanity to an otherwise superficial event. A few weeks ago at the MTV Video Music Awards, P!nk was this shining light. After receiving the Video Vanguard Award, she completely stole the show with a wonderfully touching speech to her young daughter. I’ve watched it countless times since, and think it’s worth sharing. Please check out the three minute speech below:


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